Allen makes 'statement' with rare LeBron block

NEW YORK -- When Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen decided to contest a dunk attempt by LeBron James on Tuesday night, he knew he would end up on social media. Allen met James above the rim in the second minute of the game, rejecting the attempt and putting himself on a short list of players to block one of James' dunk tries. Block By Block, Over The Years
A look at the eight other times LeBron James has been blocked on dunk attempts during his NBA career:
2004 -- With Cavs

Suns' Amar'e Stoudemire: 9:25 left in first quarter at Suns on Nov. 10;

Suns' Stoudemire: 1:09 left in third quarter vs. Suns on Dec. 1

2005 -- With Cavs

Pacers' Jermaine O'Neal: 11:40 left in first quarter on Dec. 23

2012 -- With Heat

Bobcats' Gerald Henderson: 5:21 left in first quarter on Dec. 26

2014 -- With Heat

Nets' Mason Plumlee: 2 seconds left in fourth quarter on April 8

2016 -- With Cavs

Pacers' Myles Turner: 4:30 left in fourth quarter on Feb. 1

Pistons' Andre Drummond: 3:34 left in first quarter on Nov. 18

2018 -- With Cavs

Wizards' Kelly Oubre Jr. : 2:27 left in first quarter on April 5 All the blocks: Video here

James offered his assessment.


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